Fun, Adventurous and Historical Sandston, VA

Located just outside the state capital of Richmond is the small community of Sandston with over 7,000 population. It may be small but it has an incredible history. Its size does not stop it from being a home of famous museums, parks, and buildings.

Apart from its historical significance, you can also visit and enjoy the glorious peace and nature of the place which is far from the noisy environment of the city.

Whether you are seeking adventure or just want to sit back and relax, here are the best spots to go to in Sandston, VA:


1. Roller Dome Skating Rink for something fun

Whether you’re going out-of-town with the whole family or with your lover, the Roller Dome Skating Rink should be one of the places you should visit. It has a spacious, well-lit rink, great flooring and background music suited for kids and even adults. You don’t need to bring any skating stuff because they have a skate rental.

It would be a fun and memorable skating experience for your kids. And for lovers? It could be romantic as well. Moreover, the rink is also a venue for big skating competitions.


2. Cold Harbor Battlefield Park for something adventurous

For those who love adventures, Cold Harbor Battlefield Park is the best place for you. You can join outdoor activities, learn the park’s history from the rangers, and visit the museum for exhibits and artifacts.

Because the park has several trails, you can go hiking, running, or walking your dog while enjoying the nature and the sites of Civil War history. You can also go biking but is only allowed on the Totoptomoy Creek trail. And if you don’t want to walk or hike for long, there are short trails which are under one mile.


3. Seven Pines National Cemetery for something historical

You might be thinking, “What am I supposed to do in a cemetery?”. Well, Seven Pines National Cemetery is not simply a gravesite, it holds a legendary memory within its land.

It is in this region where The Battle of Fair Oaks (also known as the Battle of Seven Pines) took place. Specifically, the cemetery’s 1.9-acres are located on a portion of a battlefield. It is located in Henrico County, VA., just eight miles southeast of Richmond.

Why is it called by its name? It was actually because in 1869, seven pine trees were planted along the inside wall of the cemetery.

There’s a lot of things to do and visit in Sandston, wouldn’t you agree. Fortunately, when you visit Sandston, VA, you won’t have any problem where to stay because there are affordable hotels near the famous spots.

So if you want to unwind and make it a worthy one, it is best to include Sandston in your travel list.


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